Extract the value from your data

With our Business Intelligence solutions, we aim at providing you with solutions able to help you making better decisions. We collect data from your systems and transform it into strategic information we provide you through various reports and dashboards.

At bstorm, we think that best data solutions have to be performing, powerful but simple. In this perspective, we place a particular emphasis to design pragmatic solutions. We do not create complex solution if it is not necessary. This is why it is so important to us to clearly understand what you do and what you need.

We are also proud to empower our customers. We consider our mission is completed when our customers are autonomous with the solution we created for them. Consequently, our solutions are flexible, intuitive and modular.

We build solutions that only fits your needs. It means that, we do not overload you with unneccessary information. Our dashboard pinpoints what is really important to you.
Since accessing your data is important, we know that performance is a pre-requisite to the use of an application. We make sure that all our solutions provides you with quick access to your data.
We design rich dashboard that allows you to explore your data and find information that helps you as well in you day-to-day work as in your strtegy definition.
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