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bstorm Digital Transformation is dedicated to providing complete solutions to its customers. Each project is managed from conception to deployment by bstorm teams based on the client's needs. The involvement of your company consists in explaining its business, defining its needs and its working methodology.

bstorm Digital Transformation then designs the application that will allow you to automate your processes and improve the quality of your products and services.

You validate the proposed concept and bstorm Digital Transformation implements the solution in your environment so that you can focus on your business.

Process Automation
Smart Application
Management and Information applications

Process Automation

Process automation aims to improve, streamline and accelerate the tasks of a company's employees. Your current processes are based on complex tools that are not adapted to users and no longer meet current needs. bstorm Digital Transformation teams bring customized, modern and dimensioned solutions to your company. The analysis of needs and an ingenious reflection on the processes allow the design of dedicated applications improving the flow of the company while adopting a quality approach

Smart Applications

Intelligent applications, designed for your own needs and scaled to your business, support your operational activities and improve your efficiency and competitiveness. These applications use processing optimisation, artificial intelligence and data analysis. bstorm Digital Transformation can assist you in the design, development and implementation of such applications and enable you to reach the next level of performance in your operations.

Management and Information applications

All companies have to manage data about their products, customers, activities or services. To make it easier for your employees to work and collaborate, bstorm Digital Transformation offers tailor-made applications designed specifically for your business and your workflows. These applications take into account your needs, your users and your methods and are built through a proven design methodology that allows you to see the added value of your application at all times.



MaplSoft is a web-based social management application. Born from a collaborative and solidarity project, it meets the specific needs of structures active in the field of reception, accommodation or housing of adults with or without children.


BETON APP offers you an easy and practical solution to correctly define these specifications by simply answering a series of questions about your site (type of element, type of environment, concrete discharge mode, etc.). The application will provide you with all the data to be specified in the specifications and when ordering: environment class(es), consistency class, nominal size of aggregates, ...


Intermire is the mutualised management body of the Regional Employment Missions (MIRE). One of its missions is to provide the MIREs with an IT tool for monitoring beneficiaries, their follow-up and all the actions carried out to promote employment. In this context, BStorm has developed an application used by the 250 MIREs staff to centralise data and analyse information. The application includes a complete management of beneficiaries, from the first contact to the employment. The application is still in uses after 10 years of production.

Money Oak

MoneyOak specialises in innovation-related tax incentives and leads the field in partial exemption from payment of withholding tax and the innovation income deduction. Its goal is to enable companies to benefit from additional sources of finance while remaining focused on their core business.

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